Mitchell’s Sausage Rolls

Since 1989, we have provided sausage rolls to the grocery, vending, and convenience food industry.  We have developed a system with our baking equipment that allows us to make sausage rolls of the highest quality and offer them wholesale at competitive prices.  

Sausage rolls may also be referred to as a kolache or a "pig in a blanket", depending on where you live.

Our frozen sausage/kolache rolls are sold to wholesalers, distributors, retailers, vending companies, fundraising companies, groups, and organizations.


We offer three flavors: Cheese, Jalapeño and Cheese and Hotlink with Cheddar. We have new and seasonal flavors coming out shortly.

Our product is available to sell in individually wrapped packaging- in an oven able wrapper- or in bulk should you want to sell them on a roller grill, heated display, or as a menu item.


For more details about our products, please download our sales flyer.

For suggestions on how best to display and sell our product, please download our Display Instructions.