Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide custom baking services?   Yes, we are always willing to look at any project. Since we are a commercial bakery built for larger production, we would need to discuss your needs in greater detail to determine if we are the right fit.

Who do you work with? We offer branded and private label products through retail grocery, convenience stores, vending companies, fundraising organizations, and food service channels. 

I already offer sausage rolls, why should I buy from you? We have custom formulated, proprietary recipes, which means that the flavor of our products is superior. We use a custom blended dough which is unique to the industry. More importantly, we have perfected our baking techniques so that we can offer you our high quality products at a lower cost, which means you will make more money selling our products.

How many sausage rolls can I expect to sell? The answer to this question partially depends on how you sell our products. We find that the sausage rolls sell best when offered either on a roller grill, heated display, or as a menu item. Customers like being able to easily grab a warm sausage roll and go.  However, we also have many customers who are very successful offering them as refrigerated or frozen individually packaged items. Our average customer sells 10 to 15 per day and our most successful customers sell more than a case a day. 

How far in advance do I need to place an order? This depends on what you are ordering. We generally have our primary products of sausage rolls, cookies, muffins, and sausage biscuits in stock. Ideally, we'd prefer one week's notice, but we are often able to turn the order around same day.

Do you sell directly to the general public? We do not have a retail store. However, if you call or email us, we can discuss your needs and tell you where you can purchase our products.

Do you deliver?  We deliver in certain areas with our own delivery vehicles.  We also use outside delivery companies.

Do you help groups and organizations with fundraising? Yes, we do. Please contact us to discuss your project.

Are your products also called kolaches? This depends on who you ask and which part of the country you live in. Some people do refer to these as kolaches and others as a "pig in a blanket."

What else do you sell?  We offer cookies, muffins, sausage biscuits in bulk.  We are working on adding these as individually wrapped items.

Please call 918-342-5852 or email to discuss your needs.